Succession Planning

Posted by Katie Pinfold at Tuesday, May 18, 2021

“Yep, I need to get around to it”

How often do we say those words.

Indeed, I once saw a sign that said “Rountuits $1 each”. If only it were that easy!

One of the important “Rountuits” is succession planning – when and how will we exit our business and what will we do after that?

Rather than a straight exit sale, perhaps it’s handing over to a family member or maybe even a management buy out!

Every situation is different – so what’s the best approach?

As with almost everything worthwhile, it starts with good planning.

I am really excited when I get to work with people who want to set up their succession plan.

The relief that comes knowing that a good plan is in place is wonderful.

So yep – lets really “get around to it “ and give me a call if you want to know more about succession planning.