Growing your Business

Financial Forecasts

Having a 36 month financial forecast might be the difference between success and failure.

The forecast should link with your business plan and where you want the business to go (it’s really a quantification of your hopes and dreams for the business)

It involves 3 parts

  • A forecasted Profit & Loss statement showing income and expenses on a monthly basis & what is leftover (Profit).
  • A forecasted Bank account showing cash coming in and cash going out on a monthly basis giving you projected month end bank balances
  • A forecasted Balance Sheet showing your assets and liabilities and the part that you own (equity). This shows if the business is going forward or backwards.

The financial forecast is part of our Due Diligence process.

If you want a financial forecast for your existing business then get in touch. We delight in helping a good business become great and a business that is struggling, to become profitable.

Inspired Accountants Financial Forecast

Business Planning

The business plan is the heart and soul of your business. It is a road map of where your business is going.

It includes

  • Vision
  • Core values
  • Key goals
  • Strategies on how to achieve your goals
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Opportunities and vulnerabilities of the business
  • Team cohesiveness

Do you have a current business plan? Do you set realistic and measurable goals?

Do you have clear strategies to achieve your goals?

We work with you to develop a clear one page business plan. You will learn to prioritise goals, create strategies to achieve your goals and review actual performance against targets.

This process will provide you with a clear path forward.

Inspired Accountants Business Planning


As your coach we will keep you accountable and provide support so you can achieve the results you want from your business.

Being in business can be tough, and having the right people around you can make a big difference.

We will provide you with customized reporting templates to measure actual performance against forecasts.

You will have an expert sounding board to ensure you are working towards your goals.

We help a number of our clients in this area (monthly coaching or quarterly coaching).

Does your business need an Inspired Coach?

Inspired Accountants Coaching


A carefully considered exit strategy reflects the hard work and capital you’ve invested in your business. We want to work with you to develop your Succession Plan to ensure that the expectations of all parties are addressed and achieved.

We will help you…

  • Determine what you want out of your business
  • Clarify your succession option
  • Identify the key people involved
  • Ascertain the timeline and key milestones for your Succession Plan
  • Clarify the various personal, business, financial, legal and taxation aspects you need to consider
  • Identify the actions and strategies you need to take to make your objectives achievable

Succession – more info