Nov 25

Buying a good business

Posted by Craig Weston at Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Don’t know what it is…….

……… but recently I have had an influx of good people wanting to buy good businesses. In spite of the risks, the economy seems to be chugging along albeit not quite a “rock star” one.

We have heard for many years that there is this huge wave of businesses about to be sold by ageing baby boomers. When I analyse the approaches we have recently had, it doesn’t yet seem that way. As well as the purchase of existing businesses we also have clients involved in new start ups, and expansion of existing operations.

Using my small sample, the age group that are selling are not predominately baby boomers. They are younger ones moving on to something new.  The really interesting thing is that 50% of the ones buying or expanding are baby boomers!

We love this kind of work. We employ tools that help make the complex simple. It is stimulating working with people who are seeking to do something new.


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