Vision – I’ve been thinking about this. It’s important to have one.

It’s a view into the future – what we would like our business to be and what we want it to deliver to us in the next 1 to 5 years (or longer).

It’s easy (and sometimes not so easy) to sit down with a notebook and plot out the parameters of what we want to see.

  • Sales to grow at x% pa
  • Net Profit to grow at x% pa
  • Personal Income to grow at x% pa
  • Positively influence my community by ………
  • Retirement plan in place by 20XX
  • Retire by 20XX

These things represent what we want and that’s good. BUT to get there we also need to understand where we are now, and how we will get there.

Yes, it's not new – you have heard this before lots of times. My question is how many of us actually do this stuff?

I am really keen on helping people do “this stuff”.  We actually quantify the Vision – that is we put this into a holistic plan with detailed numbers and dates against which regular progress can be measured.

Lofty plans are all well & good but might as well go in the waste basket unless we actually do something and measure our progress.

So it’s back to the future – lets get started !