If you live in a main centre the frustration level is growing.

To get across the City to a meeting is starting to get risky in terms of getting there on time. That means you have to allow more time to get there and get back – and that is just downright lost and unproductive time.

Yes, I agree that sometimes you absolutely need to meet face to face physically and that’s that.

But other times you can still meet face to face but not actually be there.

I’m taking about using Skype for Business. It’s a real step up from a phone call and only a slight step down from actually being there in person.

With Skype for Business you can pull in a number of people to the same meeting and see and speak to all of them, and they with you.

We have used & tested this internally for 18 months and it’s great. We are starting to use it with our clients and it’s great for that too.

All you need is a computer with an in-built camera & speaker, a good broadband connection & Skype for Business.

Think about it – a whole lot less hassle and a good amount of recovered time through less travel.

Now 3 simple tips if you have meetings of more than 2 people involved:

  • Have a pre circularised agenda
  • One person acts as chair
  • To avoid people talking over each other, let there be a system run by the Chair – eg raise your hand if you want to say something in response to a comment made

As you get into it, there are a lot of additional tools that you can use to make meetings more effective using Skype for business but the above is a great start.

Have a think about how you could use this fantastic tool.