I’ve been involved in advising clients for more than 25 years and I have noticed a few things over this time.  One thing that stands out is that business success is never a given. In other words, we can’t rely on past sales, past performance and past success to see us through. We always need to have an eye to the future and what key activities need to be done to “keep the ball rolling”.

With the Christmas holidays almost upon us, I find it is a good idea to plan to make the most of this time. That can include doing absolutely nothing, spending quality time with family, and can also include some thinking time – maybe sitting under a tree with a notebook and pen for an hour or two and jotting down the key actions that will “keep the ball rolling” for 2017.

Have a safe and happy holiday time.

Our office is closed from 5pm on Thursday the 22nd Dec and opens on Monday 16th of January.