Should I hire this new person? What if they don’t turn out to be the right kind of person we need?

These are questions all employers face.

I think back to the numerous times we have hired new people for new or existing roles. We have on the whole been pretty good at choosing people who turned out to be the right kind of person.

We picked up a number of ideas from other people and companies and adapted them to our own firm. Some of the things we found useful are:

  • Advertise the role amongst existing team members and networks so they can tell their contacts
  • Advertise on line
  • Ask the prospects to reply in writing as to their interest and provide their CVs
  • Whittle the number down to 5 to 7 prospects and talk to them on the phone
  • Invite the 5 to 7 to a meeting where they will all be present along with a small number of the firm’s team
  • At the meeting explain the firm’s objectives, ethos and what the job entails – you can put together a pack for each of them, including the job description
  • Let them ask questions about the firm (it’s a time to explain who you are looking for and an opportunity for them to get to know your firm)
  • Pose a question to the group and allow each of them to answer eg “if money were no object what would you want to do with your life?”
  • Draw the meeting to a close and ask them to mail back an answer to a written question, in their own hand writing within the next 48 hours
  • Once they have departed, ask the existing team present for their feedback and note a shortlist of about 2 to 3 possibles.
  • Examine the responses from the prospects and compile a shortlist
  • Individually interview the shortlist
  • Ask open ended questions to the prospects and note their responses
  • Do reference checks
  • Make your choice

This process has worked for us and for a number of other companies. It takes time but is rewarded by good solid committed team members who are part of the company for the right reasons.

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