As many of you know I go with a few mates on a once a year 5 day mountain bike expedition!

The latest one was a few weeks ago – the West Coast Wilderness Trail – it’s part of the NZ Cycle Trail which I think is a great initiative for our Country.

It brings tourists and their money into areas that may previously have been seen as backwaters. It allows new service businesses to spring up where previously there were none. Fascinatingly some of the old buildings that housed businesses that were closed down decades ago are now spruced up and running again.

The neat thing is that all it took was a good idea, some seed money and people who saw an opportunity and grasped it.

Makes me wonder what other great ideas there are out there. One of the things we love to do is to help our clients “chew the fat” and mull over new ideas and opportunities. We’ve done some great ones over the past year –from new themed cafes that are doing well to niche accommodation and a whole lot of others.

Give us a call 09 309 2561 if you want to have a chat about your ideas & opportunities.


PS - some photos from our adventure...