That’s what most of us do in each day of our working life. We do the work of the business. We work in the business.

If you’re a panel beater you work on the cars.

If you’re a builder you swing a hammer.

If you’re a lawyer you work on your clients instructions.

One way or the other you are busy. You have to keep on top of your customers’ expectations and you have to try & make your business a success. On top of that you have family commitments and other responsibilities that compete for the waking hours that you are given.

Squeezing it all in can all be quite stressful!

This is the lot of most self employed people that I meet.

But perhaps there is a better way to look at this. You have a business that needs you. Why not imagine this business does not need you (so much). Imagine that you could actually have the time to think about its future and its promise and even put some of those new ideas into action while not actually penalising the business due to your time out.

Nice thought.

Over the next few months & year we will be talking to our clients about this – seeing if we can assist you to see if you can make this a reality.